What the hell are Agent X and Petals on Google Chrome?

Ok this is a very very off topic for my blog, but I just wanted to post something on this in case it’s helpful to anyone out there who encountered this “problem” as well. I am going to file this sort of post under the category Random (I’m aware of the irony, as a tail event is of course random by its very nature!).

A couple of days ago I noticed a faceless head appear on the top right of my google chrome browser. When I clicked on this I saw users named Agent X and Petals. Now this kind of worried me a bit as I had no idea where these came from and I was worried it may be something untoward.

Google Chrome Agent X

Google Chrome Agent X


Anyway turns out it’s nothing really to worry about and I think I must have clicked on the new user button at some point which activated this feature. So if you see this what to do is click on the Settings and once there under a section labelled you will see various users there – among them the Agent X , Petals (or some other ridiculous names like Slice that Google has decided to use). Just click on the user you want to delete – then hit the delete button and it will be gone. Remember to not delete your default user of course. You can also customise the names while you are there by hitting the edit key and choose some interesting icons if you so wish as well.

After some playing around I actually really like this feature. I have a Google Apps account for my work stuff – so I have set up another user for my work profile and can now quickly sign into that profile which launches another browser window with all the account details for that account.  So in the end nothing to worry about, just a great feature that can actually help you out a lot.